Senior UX/UI Developer

"Michele is a proactive and tireless professional who knows how to get the job done, and done right."

Hi, I'm Michele. I have been working in Digital Media for over 10 years, providing small business clients with digital work for advertising, managing and executing full start-to-finish web development projects and producing key development work for larger companies. I take pride in fast, responsive interfaces that engage users and encourage conversions. I love an intellectual challenge and a well-organized project, and I am comfortable working alone, remotely, or on-site as part of a team.


My primary focus is the User Experience. While I enjoy design and designing, it's the nuances of how a user interacts with a website or application that I find truly motivating. I prefer to write HTML, CSS and JavaScript that enhance a user's interactivity with a webpage. From elements that animate, fade, follow the scroll, and adjust responsively to using AJAX to pass information quickly and effectively.


I have a knack for coding functionality. I feel the right choice of database and framework are the foundations to what can be achieved and what services can be offered in the user experience. I have experience using PHP, Smarty, Zend Framework, MySQL, MongoDB, AngularJS, ExpressJS, Python, Django and NodeJS. I have also worked extensively with groups of developers using SVN, Git and the Atlassian family of products such as Stash and Bamboo.


I come from a background in design. I am an expert at using Adobe PhotoShop and Illustrator. These were my roots in digital media. My experiences in creating designs and preparing imagery for the web were what led me to my love of user interaction. This was the foundation that propelled me toward coding websites and continues to inspire me to grow as a developer.







Menu Manager Interface

Menu Manager Interface

Advance Digital's local market group content managers needed a slick and intuitive drag & drop interface to be able to edit their navigation menus from remote offices. This prototype was built with jQuery.ui and leverages AJAX, JSON data and DOM manipulations to load and save menus.

You Can Do It Yoga Center website

The You Can Do It Yoga Center

The You Can Do It Yoga Center needed a new website built with new branding with a more user-friendly interface that allowed users to find the information they sought quickly and easily. I designed their new logo and color scheme, while rebuilding their website on the SquareSpace website platform.

Dongan Hills Veterinary Practice website

Dongan Hills Veterinary Practice

Working with the local veterinary practice, I created this commissioned website to increase their SEO rankings, improve their information architecture and give potential new clients the information they need up front. This was coded from scratch with PHP, HTML, CSS and javaScript.

Marvel Universe Wiki

Marvel Universe Wiki

When it came time to upgrade the opensource MediaWiki framework behind the Marvel Universe Wiki, it called for a facelift as well. This entire section of required not only XHTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP, but work within and around the MediaWiki structures that were previously in place and those to be added and upgraded. Relaunch Relaunch was originally built on the PHP-based Smarty Templating System. It was rebuilt on Zend Framework and required Front End Development support from start-to-finish. Dynamic modules were developed using XHTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery coding and required graphics formatting and optimization in Photoshop.

The Superhero Squad website

The Superhero Squad Site

The Superhero Squad website is full of interactivity and flash objects. Building it required sharp and detailed cross-browser compatibility work with HTML, CSS, javaScript, PHP, custom CMS and support for in-site Flash-based video games and advertisements.

The Collegebound Network website

The Collegebound Network

This was a full site rebuild on a new framework for the Collegebound Network. I handled the Front End coding with HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, graphics optimization and QA testing for the entire website.

F3 Franchise Client Interface

F3 Franchise Client Interface

This interface for Clients was designed and coded based on heavy amounts of data. It was my job to work with an overseas remote team of back-end developers to devise a set of business requirements, functional specifications and an interface design. I also coded the front-end portion of this interface, incorporating PHP-loaded data with jQGrid and other javaScript-based data visualization plugins.

Call Center Survey-Builder Interface

Call Center Survey-Builder Interface

I designed this interface to service the administrators of the Collegebound Network Call Center group. The purpose of the interface was to allow multiple Call Center scripts to be added or edited, and to allow the administrators to preview their scripts within the Call Center Agent Interface. This was prototyped on top of Node.js.

Michele is a talented front-end web developer who contributed greatly to our organization, working long hours in a highly motivated and self-directed way to accomplish a variety of strategic tasks for our organization. She reached out to other developers, set standards, acted as a guiding voice and ultimately made our whole team because of her presence.Peter Olson
VP Web and Application Development
at Marvel Entertainment

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Michele is one of those individuals you can count on when a project needs completion. Her work is meticulous and the outcome shows that. Pleasant, calm, and confident she would be a star on any team. I highly recommend Michele. Alex Levy
CTO at CareerCo/The Collegebound Network

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It's rare that you come across standout talent like Michele Cynowicz. Michele is a proactive and tireless professional who knows how to get the job done, and done right. She seamlessly takes the input and material from other departments and generates our web presence with ease. Many of the projects are highly sophisticated with "many cooks stirring the pot", yet time after time she's able to pull everyone and everything together to get the project done on time. She's also an extremely effective leader, prioritizing tasks and delegating efficiently to meet difficult deadlines. Michele is an asset to any team or company in need of a dedicated professional, an effective manager, a skilled and trustworthy team member, and all around master of her craft.Anthony Loiacono
Software Developer at
CareerCo/The CollegeBound Network

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During the last twelve months I have been lucky enough to have been mentored by Michele and she continues to be an incredible example of what a developer should be. From researching and planning down to keeping her code neat and easy to work with, she is thorough and precise. Devising solid cross-browser compatible methods for general practice and tricky workarounds for those close-to-impossible requests, are how she consistently delivers quality development. She knows her stuff!Damien Lucchese
Front End Web Developer at
CareerCo/The CollegeBound Network

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